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    Looking for Advanced Agrochemical Technology Partners

    Apr 12,2019

    Rainbow Chemical, the Top Agrochemical Exporter from China, has many product registrations globally, with well-developed market access in many countries. In order to strengthen the company’s synthesis capability for technical products, Rainbow is now looking for Technology partners in many forms of cooperation, as listed below but not limited to:

    • To pay for the transfer of innovative and world-class technology for the synthesis of some agrochemical active ingredients and/or its key intermediates, or by means of joint investment for production.

    To acquire or invest in an active ingredient basic producer with world-class technology and management.

    To hire or cooperate with world-leading R&D professionals and engineering partners for the synthesis of some active ingredients. 

    With enough resources and sufficient capital, Rainbow believes this will be a  win-win cooperation:

    If you have any interest, please contact Rainbow Chemical at Email: rainbowchem@rainbowchem.com

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